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Second Generation Mortgage Group, LLC is committed to customizing loan programs for local NJ customers.  We make the process of securing a mortgage simple and straightforward by offering you the latest in financial tools that enable you to make smart, informed decisions. 

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One of our main goals is to provide our customers with specific, tailored-made loan options and with mortgage knowledge so they feel confident about their customized loan program.  We have also now partnered with over 2,250 local homeowners in helping them secure the lowest rates, lowest costs and the fastest turnaround time while maintaining a perfect lending record with the state.  Not many companies can boast that and back it up. 

For more up to date information please feel free to call us at 732-741-1933 or 1-800-254-8200.  We will be happy to discuss your mortgage needs with you. 

Please feel free to contact Second Generation Mortgage Group, LLC to learn more.  We welcome the opportunity to share our success stories, our unique company history and our "out of the box" approach to mortgage lending with you.  It is imperative in this market to deal with ethical NJ Mortgage experts who help get your loan closed with the best rates, lowest costs and the quickest turnarount time.

We believe that a loan closing should be a celebration rather than an unpleasant formality.  We look forward to celebrating with you soon.

Why Choose 2nd Generation over a large national mortgage broker?  (This is still today our favorite review but please feel to contact us for our latest 75+ letter of thanks and recommendations)

July 7, 2017 What I appreciated the most about working with 2nd Gen is that every single time I called or emailed I got a quick response. Pete explains things very clearly and always with a great story about his years of experience in the field (and when I didn't have time for the story and told him so, he was able to cut right to the chase, as well!). As a first time homebuyer it was a huge benefit to be working with someone so knowledgeable about his chosen industry. Jamie was careful and diligent about all of our paperwork, explaining what things were still needed in a way that was professional and persistent. This was particularly important when in email circles with lawyers and title companies. I couldn't come up with a single point of constructive feedback and recommend them without reservation Marin D. Edison, NJ.............. July 12, 2017 Good morning! THANK YOU so much, you are amazing. I so appreciate all that you did to help me through this process, and hands down, I will recommend you anytime ! The woman who came to my house to do the closing was blown away at the level of transparency and detail sent to me ahead of time. She said she that you all are so above board and easy to work with. So you have two fans, true fans. If you have any clients you are talking to now who need a dose of reassurance that you know what you are doing, give them my details. I will endorse you and let them know how much you helped me. Customer service is lacking on so many levels everywhere these days, but not with you. I sincerely appreciate all that you did, and will keep your contacts should I ever decide to refinance again. KM Cliffside Park, NJ

May 23, 2014

Dear Pete,

Everything went smoothly last night.  Papers signed and off we go.  Is this it?  I feel like we're breaking up!  Seriously though,  my wife and I can't thank you enough.  Any time I get the chance to recommend you and your company I will.  

Thanks again,

Lou D., Brick, NJ


May 12, 2014


Dear Paul,

I wanted to personally thank you for the outstanding service you provided in refinancing our home. When I first spoke with you end of February, I mentioned to you that I was hoping to lower my interest rate, pay some of our debts. And have some cash out. You confidently stated that you will be able to help and give my husband and I the best deal, and if that was not enough you assured us we can close in 30 days. And on March 6 you gave me the good news; which my husband and I waited for so long to hear, that our loan was approved and Friday 4th April 2014 we closed the deal. I have to admit that my husband and I were skeptical about because couple of mortgage lenders promised us the same thing and they come back to us and we can’t do it because of this and that, but I now realize that you made it an easy and seamless process that saved us over $5,700 in origination fees. Not to mention, locked in at a lower rate than 5%% interest rate given by our previous lender. You were very prompt in returning my phone calls and you seemed to work long and late hours, my true definition of a real trooper in getting the job done. I am glad that you were the first person I returned a missed call on that day. You are very knowledgeable and own your business in terms of representing Second Generation Mortgage.

I also want to thank Kristy, the processor in your company , she is fantastic, very understanding and easy to work with. She is such a pro in this business. Both of you have done an awesome job and I look forward to working with you in the near future. I have recommended second Generation Mortgage to my friends and family, colleagues and who ever asks me about Mortgage and refinancing, and I will keep doing that, because you deserve it and your such a trustworthy company.

My husband Tom and I will always be grateful for what you have done for us and made a huge difference in our lives.
Thank you very much,

F. Nducha, NJ


May 22, 2009

My business is market research, so when it came time to refinance I did a lot of . . . research.  After spending a few weeks visiting web sites and speaking with brokers, I came down to Amerisave, a national online broker, and 2nd Generation Mortage, a local broker.  I was drawn to Amerisave because their site provided detailed information on rates and fees that made it easy calculate my total costs and promised an easy application and closing process .  I liked 2nd Generation because Paul Picchierri was knowledgeable, provided good practical advice, and seemed as interested in helping me as in potentially winning my business.  

When it came time to make a decision, Paul matched Amerisave’s rate and closing costs and I decided to go with 2nd Generation, based on my gut feeling.  But as we were working through the process Paul realized that the bank he had lined up would not process the loan at the original closing costs due to a technicality related to paying off a home equity line of credit early.  Paul was up front and candid, and while I wanted to work with him, I felt I had to go with the lower closing costs of the big online broker.

After 15 minutes working through the application process with Amerisave I realized I’d made a mistake.  Their agent pulled up my credit report – admitted that there was an error that pulled my score just under 800 – and told me that because it was not 800, my closing costs would increase by over $900.  Then he started rattling off all of the documents I’d have to provide to close the loan.  As I was about to give him my credit card I told him I needed to call home to tell my wife I’d be running late.  I then called Paul at 2nd Generation.

I explained to Paul that, due to Amerisave’s late (and dodgy) fee increase, we were in the same price range and I wanted to work with him.  But Paul went a step further.  While I was on the phone with Amerisave, Paul found another bank that could close the loan at the originally stated closing costs—saving me $900 compared to Amerisave’s actual (and recently hiked) fees.  

So here it is in a nutshell.  National online brokers seem to offer the best rates and make the closing process seem straightforward.  But in my experience, what was promised was not delivered when it came time to apply for the loan.  In the end, Paul and 2nd Generation beat the large online broker, made the closing process a walk in the park, and not only delivered on their word, but exceeded my expectations. 

Thank you—it was a pleasure doing business with 2nd Generation.


T. McElwee Upper Montclair, New Jersey


AWESOME experience ....without one phone call ......lol 

Peter V. -Hopewell, NJ 4/2013

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------It was an absolute pleasure working with you.  I will definitely be recommending your company to everybody.

John V.-Old Bridge, NJ 3/2013


Pete, I talked to about 20 brokers and banks for our refiance and your rates were close to 2 others but it was Paul that I was more comfortable speaking to, He was honest and not pushing us, I did my homework on this and trying to get straight answers from some brokers was not easy. you have a great asset in Paul and your business model. Cathy dealt with Jamie  and said how painless this whole process was. We know friends who had problems with not closing in time and having to get rate extensions and just bad experiences. Even I am impressed from start to finish it was 14 days to closing which I thought would be at least 30 days.

Thank You for your email and we will recommend you.

David and Cathy-East Brunswick, NJ   1/2013






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